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List is as at 06-Feb-2018
Builders for all of Saskatchewan
1 OAK Developments Ltd.
101027767 Saskatchewan Ltd. o/a River Ridge Homes
101035052 Saskatchewan Ltd. o/a Belsera Homes
101159825 Saskatchewan Ltd. o/a Maison Design+ Build
101253118 Saskatchewan Ltd.
55 North Construction Ltd.
607609 Saskatchewan Ltd. O/a Laterza Construction
616243 Saskatchewan Ltd.
621755 Saskatchewan Ltd. o/a Camelot Homes
630212 Saskatchewan Ltd. o/a Kormak Enterprises
A. Myrowich Building Materials Ltd. t/a Home Hardware Building Center
Aesthetic Construction Inc.
Aidan Homes Ltd.
All Points Construction Inc. o/a Shatkowski Homes
Allan Homes Ltd.
Alpha Developments Ltd.
Aspen Homes Ltd.
Authentic Homes Ltd.
Avana Homes
Avid Enterprises Inc.
B & B Homes 07 Inc.
B & S Construction Ltd.
Basler Construction Ltd.
BlackRock Developments Ltd.
BlueStone Builders Group Inc.
Boehr Construction Ltd.
Bondi Developments Ltd.
Boychuk Construction Corp.
BP Construction Ltd.
C & A Woodworks Ltd.
Caesar Homes Ltd.
Candlewood Homes
Carolyn Homes Ltd.
Cash and Carry Lumber Mart Ltd.
CCB Holdings Ltd. o/a Value Master Homes
Centennial Custom Homes
Century West Homes Ltd.
Character Homes Ltd.
Chatterson Lumber 1981 Ltd.
Cherry Creek Homes Ltd.
Citizen Custom Homes
CK Homes Ltd.
CNS Developments Inc.
Creekside Acres Ltd.
Dawson Construction
Deiana General Construction
DELU Homes Inc.
Demand Perfection Contracting
Deneschuk Homes Ltd.
Deveraux Developments Ltd.
DKC Carlson Homes Ltd.
Do-All Holdings Ltd.
DSI Enterprises Ltd. t/a DSI Contracting
Edgewater Development Corp.
Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.
Emerald Park Homes Ltd.
Encore Homes Ltd.
Equinox Home Innovations (2013) Ltd.
Evans Development Group Inc.
Evermore Homes Inc.
Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd.
Fire Cliff Developments Ltd.
Fisher Homes Ltd.
Flatlander Construction Ltd.
Forever Construction
G. M. Construction Ltd.
G.R.W. Contracting Ltd.
GDP Construction Corporation
Geiger Homes Ltd.
Gellner Homes Ltd.
Gilroy Homes Inc.
Gold Star Homes Ltd.
Goncharov Construction Inc.
Grass Roots Labour Services Inc.
Great Plains Leaseholds Ltd.
Great West Homes Ltd.
Green Villas Construction Ltd.
Habitat for Humanity Regina Inc.
Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon
Haven Builders Inc.
Hirsch Construction Ltd.
Holinaty Developments Inc.
Hollywood Homes Inc.
Homes by DREAM
Homes by DREAM
Homes by Ens Ltd.
Homes by Stewart Builders Inc.
Horizon Homes Ltd.
Horvath Homes Ltd.
Humboldt Lumber Mart Ltd.
Innovative Residential Inc.
J & J Concrete Inc.
J & R Schwab Construction Inc.
J. H. Enterprises (1969) Ltd.
JAG Builders Ltd.
Jagr Developments Inc.
Jastek Management Inc.
Jastek Management Inc.
Jory Taylor Homes
Jovin Homes 2000 Ltd.
K2 Diamond Homes Ltd.
K-3 Contracting
KANDR Developments Ltd.
Kasper Construction Inc. o/a Homes by JMS
Ken's Lumber Sales Ltd.
Keystone Development Corp.
Kirzinger Construction Ltd.
Klemenz Bros. Homes Inc.
Kratz Homes Ltd.
KW Homes (2012) Ltd.
Lake Country Co-operative
Laser Construction
Legacy Homes Ltd.
Lexington Homes & Construction Ltd.
Manor Woodworks Inc.
Marfleet Building Materials
Maxim Development Corporation
Mega Construction Inc.
Meridian Development Corp.
Mikron Homes & Construction Ltd.
Miller Contracting Ltd.
Monarch Homes (1970) Ltd.
Montana Homes Ltd.
Mosaic Developments Corporation
MT Construction Inc.
Munro Homes Ltd.
Murray Construction Ltd.
MWP Construction Inc.
New-Tech Construction Ltd.
Nor-Pine Construction Ltd.
North Prairie Developments Ltd.
North Prairie Developments Ltd.
North Ridge Development Corp.
North Ridge Development Corporation
North Ridge Development Corporation
Northern Wood Works Ltd.
Orko Construction Inc.
P. A. Built Homes Ltd.
Pacesetter New Homes Ltd.
Persia Construction Inc.
Piller & Putz Construction Ltd.
Pinnacle Construction Inc.
Pioneer Co-operative Association Ltd.
Pioneer Ready Homes Ltd.
Prairie Living Homes Ltd.
Pyram Builders Inc.
Quality Plus Construction Ltd.
R & D Fraser Homes Ltd.
Railside Homes Ltd.
Ripplinger Homes Ltd.
River Grove Homes
Riverbend Developments Ltd.
Riverpoint Developments Ltd.
Rococo Construction Services Ltd.
Rocy Developments Corp.
Rohit Communities (Regina) Inc.
Rosler Construction 2000 Inc.
SamTron Real Estate Corp.
Saskey Construction Inc.
Sharp Developments Inc.
Simon Homes Ltd.
Skylark Homes Ltd.
Stammen Lumber Inc.
Star Quality Homes Ltd.
Sthamann Homes Inc.
Strata Development Corporation
Streetscape Developments Inc.
Summit Homes Ltd.
Sun West Construction Ltd.
SV Construction Ltd.
SV Homes and Renovations
Swanson Builders
Szwydky Construction Ltd.
Tarry Homes Ltd.
TASC Project Management Corp.
TerraTech Construction Group Inc.
TNT Renovators
Tomyn Construction
Touchstone Development Corp.
Tri Mee Homes Ltd.
Trillium Developments Inc.
Trithart Homes Ltd.
True Integrity Developers Inc.
Valentino Homes Ltd.
Valette Homes Inc.
Varsity Homes Ltd.
Vox Development Ltd.
Waltsen Development Corporation
Ward Homes Ltd.
Warman Home Centre LP
Westmount Developments Ltd.
Westridge Homes Ltd.
Wheatland Homes Ltd.
Wood Country Building Services Ltd.
Yakobovich Homes Ltd.